Intuit Merchant Service Sales Toll Free Telephone Number

Call the telephone number 877-685-9833 toll free to contact Intuit Merchant Service sales.
Click to call 877-685-9833 & press 1 to reach Intuit Merchant Service sales at their toll free phone number.

The toll free telephone number to contact Intuit merchant service sales is 877-685-9833. Begin your new merchant service subscription by contact Intuit at their toll free telephone number. Press 1 at the prompt to be connected to a merchant service sales specialist that can begin your subscription at no cost or obligation. New merchant service subscriptions with Intuit include free credit card reader hardware that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments anywhere with an internet enabled smartphone device or tablet. Contact a merchant service sales specialist at Intuit by dialing their toll free telephone number. There’s no cost or obligation to begin your merchant service subscription with Intuit. All credit cards can be processed with the inclusive credit card reader hardware. Items can be sold and credit cards swiped with your smartphone device. A low 1.6% transaction rate is the only price merchants pay for seamless and secure credit card payment processing. Ensure that you’re connected with an Intuit merchant service sales representative by dialing their toll free telephone number within the hours shown below.

The secure and convenient credit card processing included with your Intuit merchant service subscription is compatible on virtually all iOS and Android devices. Simply connect your Intuit GoPayment credit card reader to your smartphone or tablet, download then launch the app and begin. New customers can receive their GoPayment credit card reader free of charge by dialing the toll free telephone number above. Each subscription to Intuit merchant services grants small business owners the capability of processing all major credit cards. The latest EMV chip technology can also be accepted with the Intuit GoPayment credit card reader. The EMV chipped cards are often referred to as Europay credit cards. The GoPayment EMV chip reader module simply connects to your smartphone or tablet device and allows customers to insert their card to purchase items. Individuals who’re interested in accepting all major credit cards for their small business can contact Intuit merchant service sales at their telephone number toll free. An Intuit representative can setup your new account and send you the latest credit card reader hardware available, free of charge!

Take your business to the next level by accepting credit card payments with Intuit’s secure and affordable merchant service. Intuit’s merchant services allow small business owners to accept credit card payments for a low transaction fee. Each credit card transaction is processed for the low rate of 1.6%. This low transaction rate eliminates the need to pay an annual fee or signup with a contract. Best of all, there’s no minimum credit score to signup for Intuit merchant service. New customers can begin their merchant service with Intuit free of charge or obligation. Subscribers can then immediately start accepting credit card payments after downloading the smartphone app. After signing up to Intuit merchant service, new customers will also receive Intuit’s latest credit card reader hardware.

Withdrawal your funds within 24 hours after processing your first credit card payments. The merchant service offered by Intuit provides a convenient online panel that lets subscribers withdrawal their funds easily. Intuit merchant service empowers small business owners with comprehensive credit card processing features and extensive usability. Administrate your personal merchant service account with Intuit from any online enabled device. Fast and easy access to the money you earn with your Intuit merchant service account and GoPayment is just another great feature offered to subscribers.


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