Narcotics Anonymous Hotline Toll Free Phone Number

Dial 866-353-5903 to contact Narcotics Anonymous at their toll free phone number.
Click the image and call 866-353-5903 to reach Narcotics Anonymous at their telephone number toll free.

The toll free telephone number to reach Narcotics Anonymous is 866-353-5903. Connect with Narcotics Anonymous by dialing the toll free telephone number for their hotline. Individuals who are interested in reaching out to Narcotics Anonymous get free information by calling their hotline toll free. Hear about local support groups and current events by contact Narcotics Anonymous at their toll free telephone number. Many individuals who are struggling with substance abuse can easily quit with the support of peers who connect through Narcotics Anonymous support groups. It call begins when you contact the Narcotics Anonymous Hotline at their toll free telephone number. Drug addiction treatment counselors will provide free information pertaining to local support groups and addiction treatment. All health insurance providers are accepted for addiction treatment. Rehab clinics for substance abuse can’t turn your down because of your heath insurance coverage. Living with addiction is debilitating and causes pain for loved ones. Discuss available treatment options with a Narcotics Anonymous representative when you contact the toll free telephone number to the 24/7 NA hotline. Substance abuse can be overcome with help and support provided by Narcotics Anonymous. Even individuals with no medical insurance can call the Narcotics Anonymous Hotline for free help and support.

Hours of Operation:24/7 Operation